150 Clothing Business Name Ideas and Tips for Choosing the Right Name

When it comes to starting a clothing business, choosing the right name is a critical first step. A good name can help set the tone for your brand and make it easier for customers to remember and find you. It can also help you stand out from the competition and convey the image and style of your clothing.

However, with so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right name. This is why it's essential to consider several key factors, such as your target audience, brand image, and search engine optimization (SEO) before settling on a name. With a thoughtful approach, you can choose a name that accurately represents your brand and sets the foundation for a successful clothing business.

In this article, we will share tips on how to choose the best name for your clothing business. From considering your target audience and brand image to testing your name with friends and family, we will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. 

We will also share a list of 150 potential names to help spark your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. By the end of this article, you will have the knowledge and resources you need to choose a memorable and distinctive name that accurately represents your clothing business.

150 Clothing Business Name Ideas and Tips for Choosing the Right Name

Tips Before Naming a Clothing Business

  1. Be memorable and distinctive: A good name should be easy to remember and unique so that it stands out in the minds of potential customers.
  2. Reflect your brand image: Choose a name that reflects the image and style of your brand and the type of clothing you sell.
  3. Consider SEO: If you plan to have an online presence, choose a name that is easy to search for online and optimize it for search engines.
  4. Keep it simple and easy to spell: A name that is easy to spell and pronounce is more likely to be remembered and shared by customers.
  5. Avoid using generic terms: Avoid using generic terms in your name as they may not be memorable and can be easily confused with other brands.
  6. Check for trademark infringement: Before settling on a name, check if it is already in use or trademarked to avoid legal issues in the future.
  7. Consider your target audience: Consider the age, gender, and preferences of your target audience when choosing a name.
  8. Test it out: Try the name out on friends, family, and potential customers to see if it resonates with them.

150 Clothing Business Name Ideas

  1. Threads & Co.
  2. The Fabric House
  3. Chic Streetwear
  4. Haute Attire
  5. The Wardrobe Co.
  6. Threaded Together
  7. Dressed to Impress
  8. The Outfit Emporium
  9. Trendsetters Clothing
  10. The Fashionista's Den
  11. The Closet Collective
  12. Style Savvy
  13. The Attire Edit
  14. Chic & Unique
  15. Tailored Trends
  16. The Fashion Fix
  17. The Garment Guild
  18. The Dapper Duds Co.
  19. The Glamour Shop
  20. The Thread Studio
  21. The Chic Boutique
  22. The Trendsetter's Choice
  23. The Style Collective
  24. The Fashion Finds
  25. The Attire Avenue
  26. The Modish Market
  27. The Fashion Flash
  28. The Threaded Treasures
  29. The Wardrobe Wonders
  30. The Fashion Frontier
  31. The Style Society
  32. The Clothes Closet
  33. The Trending Togs
  34. The Chic Closet
  35. The Fashion Factory
  36. The Garment Gathering
  37. The Style Stall
  38. The Trendy Threads
  39. The Attire Arcade
  40. The Fashion Fixer-Upper
  41. The Dressed-Up Duds
  42. The Glamour Gear
  43. The Threaded Touch
  44. The Wardrobe Wonders
  45. The Chic Collection
  46. The Fashion Finder
  47. The Style Sanctuary
  48. The Clothesline Co.
  49. The Trendsetter's Trove
  50. The Attire Attic
  51. The Modish Mart
  52. The Fashion Flashback
  53. The Threaded Time Capsule
  54. The Wardrobe Warehouse
  55. The Chic Caravan
  56. The Fashion Frontline
  57. The Style Squad
  58. The Clothes Chest
  59. The Trending Trousseau
  60. The Chic Connoisseur
  61. The Fashion Finder's Delight
  62. The Style Savant
  63. The Clothes Culture
  64. The Trendsetter's Treasure trove
  65. The Attire Arsenal
  66. The Modish Marketplace
  67. The Fashion Flash sale
  68. The Threaded Treats
  69. The Wardrobe World
  70. The Chic Collection
  71. The Fashion Fixer
  72. The Style Scientist
  73. The Clothes Connection
  74. The Trending T-Shirts
  75. The Chic Cargos
  76. The Fashion Forward
  77. The Style Specialist
  78. The Clothes Cabinet
  79. The Trendsetter's Trade
  80. The Attire Annex
  81. The Modish Mall
  82. The Fashion Flashlight
  83. The Threaded Treasures
  84. The Wardrobe Wonderland
  85. The Chic Company
  86. The Fashion Finder's Fantasy
  87. The Style Savvy
  88. The Clothes Connection
  89. The Trending Tunes
  90. The Chic Cozies
  91. The Fashion Fantasy
  92. The Style Squad
  93. The Clothes Clique
  94. The Trendsetter's Trove
  95. The Attire Alliance
  96. The Modish Mall
  97. The Fashion Flash drive
  98. The Threaded Treat
  99. The Wardrobe Wares
  100. The Chic Class
  101. The Fashion Fix
  102. The Style Scientist
  103. The Clothes Chest
  104. The Trending Trends
  105. The Chic Couture
  106. The Fashion Finder's Fortune
  107. The Style Sensation
  108. The Clothes Collection
  109. The Trendsetter's Trove
  110. The Attire Ambition
  111. The Modish Market
  112. The Fashion Flare
  113. The Threaded Treasure
  114. The Wardrobe World
  115. The Chic Crew
  116. The Fashion Future
  117. The Style Society
  118. The Clothesline Co.
  119. The Trending Tides
  120. The Chic Comfort
  121. The Fashion Fantasyland
  122. The Style Solution
  123. The Clothes Corner
  124. The Trendsetter's Tresor
  125. The Attire Alliance
  126. The Modish Mercantile
  127. The Fashion Flash
  128. The Threaded Treasure trove
  129. The Wardrobe Wisdom
  130. The Chic Chronicles
  131. The Fashion Finder's Find
  132. The Style Source
  133. The Clothes Connection
  134. The Trending Trends
  135. The Chic Casuals
  136. The Fashion Forwarder
  137. The Style Station
  138. The Clothes Chest
  139. The Trendsetter's Treasury
  140. The Attire Apex
  141. The Modish Marketplace
  142. The Fashion Flashpoint
  143. The Threaded Touch
  144. The Wardrobe Web
  145. The Chic Collection
  146. The Fashion Fix-it
  147. The Style Strategist
  148. The Clothes Cache
  149. The Trending Tones
  150. The Chic Caravans.


In conclusion, choosing the right name for your clothing business is an important step in establishing your brand and setting the foundation for success. 
By considering your target audience, brand image, and SEO, you can choose a name that accurately represents your clothing business and stands out in the minds of potential customers. With the tips and ideas shared in this article, you can approach the naming process with confidence and select a name that will help your clothing business grow and thrive. 

Remember to test your name with friends and family, and be creative and unique in your approach. With the right name, you can start building a strong brand and a successful clothing business.
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